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Neil Young

To the HyperRust Neil Young Page

This will lead you to the famous HyperRust Neil Young Page.
Also: Don't miss this link to a big page for his 'On the Beach' Album,
with Petition for Re-Release.
Neil's official Homepage Link to Neil's official Homepage.
Here the Link to the great Neil Young Dutch Fan Club,
with lots of lyrics and more.
Neil Young MP3 Locator This will lead you to a Neil Young MP3 Locator
Looking Forward: The new one from Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Visit the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young Homepage.
Their actual album 'Looking Forward' is worth listening.

A question to all Neil Young Fans: For a long time I've been looking for Neil's album's 're-ac-tor', 'On The Beach' and 'American Stars 'n Bars' on CD-ROM. I couldn't find them yet.
Does anyone know how to get these CD's?
click for email    Please email to bernward(at)



Rock Music that I like

To the Cranberries Homepage I like the Cranberries very much.
Dolores O'Riordan is a wonderful singer.
Visit the Counting Crows Visit the Counting Crows Web Site.
Maná Unplugged Maná from Mexico, you should hear them,
their new Unplugged Album is great!
Here are more good Maná Sites with lots of Material:
Mis Ojos Site, Maná-Click, Maná en-linea and ManáWeb.
Patricia Kaas I like Patricia Kaas very much.
Ritchie Blackmore's Night: Shadow Of The Moon Album Ritchie Blackmore's Night: Ritchie is better than ever.
The (up to now) two Albums together with Candice Night are wonderful.
This is a Link to the Ritchie Blackmore Homepage, of course also dealing with Blackmore's Night.
Marillion, the Cover is from 'Live in Caracas' Marillion with a rather high-tech Web Site,
especially presenting their new Album
Pink Floyd on the Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd meets you on the Dark Side of The Moon.

    Of course there is more Music that I like, the presentation will follow soon,
    maybe including more Links than those to the 'official' Homepages.



ABBA Special

To the ABBA Web Ring Ring Page This will lead you to the great ABBA Web Ring Ring Page
with List of ABBA related Web Sites.
Visit also Leslie Cleave's ABBA Page,
the Giant List of worldwide ABBA Links,
the german Site or
read all about ABBA in the Formula One (ABBA Plaza Site).
To Agnetha Fältskog's Official Homepage Visit Agnetha Fältskog's Official Homepage (by Lynn Stratton),
with Discography and Biography.
Agnetha's new album release is: That's me (see picture).
Great: Regina's Agnetha Fältskog Page,
with all information, pictures, rare CD's and more.
More Agnetha Links.
To ABBF Record Service Still missing some (rare) ABBA Records resp. CD's?
Try it with ABBF Record Service.
Find more Links for CD Services on my Web Links Page.



More Music Links

To Rolling Stone Magazine To the Site of Rolling Stone Music Magazine.

  • Hear some Irish Music (Midi files with text). Thanks, Elisabeth.


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