Search Engines for the World

    This Page shows my collection of Search Engines for the whole World.
    You'll find my preferred Search Engines and Web Portals, that I consider worth to use,
    including Special Search, e.g. for Music, all the World's Newspapers, Maps...
    Country or Language specific Search Sites are listed below.
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Search Engines for the World

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Special German Web Portals


Special Search Engines

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Country Specific Search Engines and Portals

The List is continuously being extended
General Europe up
For European Alps Countries up
For Australia and New Zealand up
For Scandinavia up
For the Benelux Countries up
  • For the Netherlands: Zoek
  • Nice Baldie Meta Search for the Netherlands
  • Ilse: De Internet Index van Nederland
  • for the Netherlands
  • Also Netherlands: Nois
  • For Belgium: Advalvas Search Site with Yellow Pages
For Great Britain / UK up
For Italy: Motori di Ricerca up
For the French speaking World up
For the Portuguese speaking World up
For the Spanish speaking World up
  • Spanish Search Box from Altavista:


    AltaVista Buscar esto:   

  • Olé: Search Engine for Spain and Hispanoamerica
  • Search Engines for the Spanish speaking Countries
  • Arale: Buscador Hispano
  • Uco from Spain
  • Voila: for the spanish speaking world
  • EresMas: Buscador y Directorio (Alehop)
  • CiberCentro: complete guide for the Spanish speaking countries.
  • Nazcanet: Portal Favorito hispano y de América Latina.
  • Astrolabio: El Buscador de América Latina.
  • CordilleraNet: Another Portal Latinoamericano.
  • Ya: Portal y Buscador hispano.
  • Yupi: Nueva opción de portales en español.
  • Ozú!: Motores de Búsqueda Internacionales en Español.
  • BIWE: Buscador en Internet de Webs en Español.
  • Elcano: Íindice de Internet Hispano.
  • Demasiado: Comunidad Latina en Internet.
  • HispaVista: Otro Buscador.
  • CarayGaray: Portal del Mercosur (de Argentina).
  • Starmedia: Portal Latinoamericano.
  • Mundo Latino: Portal Latinoamericano. new

  • CNN en Español
  • AAA Matilda Portal for all South American Countries

  • Búscalo ¡Rápido! from Mexico
  • El Sitio: from Argentina
  • Grippo: Directorio Argentino
  • Bolivian: for Bolivia
  • BoliviaWeb: for Bolivia
  • La Ciudad: for Colombia
  • La Brújula: Index for Chile
  • ChileSat: Search Site for Chile
  • Terra: Search for Perú
  • Altavista-Peru: Special for Perú
  • Yachay for Perú

  • Lycos: USA/spanish
  • Yahoo en español
Venezuela Special up
More Countries of the World up


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