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    This Page presents Links to the interesting Places in the World
    for the Millennium Event, that I consider worth to visit.
    Still looking for your Millennial Eve Party?
    You'll also find my selection of interesting Links for Computing,
    especially for the Year2000 (Y2K) Problem.


Links for Millennium Events

  • I wanted to go to the wonderful Los Roques Archipielago in Venezuela,
    would have been a really nice place to enter Year2000.
    But now these devastating mudslides and flash floods occurred and any idea of Millennium Party has to be ruled out in this beautiful country, which now has to suffer so much. Along with all parties and other events we shouldn't forget all those people in Venezuela and over the World having no reason to celebrate joyful Millennium Parties. Let's hope, that the situation in Venezuela soon returns to as stable or normal as possible.

List of Events


Links and Help for Year2000 Problem and Computing

What's the Y2K Problem ?
    The Year 2000 Problem, also known as the "Y2K Bug" or the "Millennium Bug" concerns the method used to store and process dates in Computers, embedded Chips, and Data Files. Computer applications and technologies designed prior to the early 1990s addressed the high cost of data storage and slow processing speed by storing the year as a two-digit number with no reference to a corresponding century. For example, 1998 was stored as "98" with no means of distinguishing the years 1898 from 1998 or 2098. When "00" comes up for the Year 2000, many Computers will view it as 1900 instead.
    In systems with Y2K Problem the use of a two-digit date will affect the way the computer application or embedded technology operates. When a two-digit date field is used post 1999 to perform calculations or date sorts, the system may stop operating or corrupt the data. The Bug may potentially lead to failures in application Software, concerning not only your PC but also business, transportation, utilities and other services.
    Especially: Many PC's in use today have Year 2000 non-compliant BIOS and most are operating with non-compliant Real Time Clock's. PC's like this will fail to keep correct time after midnight December 31, 1999. Fixes (patches) for your BIOS will then become necessary. See the Links and the Download Section below.
    But that's not all for 2000: There will be a 02/29/2000. Year 2000 is a leap year! Computers employ certain formulae to determine whether or not the year is a leap year. These formulae might be affected by the Year 2000 date change. The first calculation is to determine if the year is divisible by 4. However, if the year is also divisible by 100 then it is NOT a leap year UNLESS it is also divisible by 400 (Gregorian calendar rule). Some computers have not implemented this calculation completely and problems may arise. In the Year 2000 systems that simply divide by 4 will work correctly, since 2000 is divisible by 4. This will only work if the date stored is 2000 and not 00. You may have a look at this.
    Click here to download resp. view the latest Greenwich Mean Time Document for the Year2000 Problem (size 700k). Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin installed.

Simple Y2K Basic Check for your Computer
  • Very simple procedure to test your Computer:
  • Set Date on your Computer to MM/DD/YYYY = 12/31/1999 and Time to 23:58,
  • Shut down your Operating System and switch off the Computer,
  • Wait 5 Minutes and restart your machine,
  • Check if your Computer shows correct Date and Time, run your application programs. If you don't encounter trouble, your Computer passed the Basic Test. This may be enough to test for you.
  • Don't forget to reset Date and Time.
  • The same test procedure applies to the resp. Problem with 02/29/2000 !

Download Section for Y2K Check of your PC
  • The most important point is a BIOS software/firmware on your PC without Y2K Problem. In the following I collected some Year200 Test Programs for you. You may download them to test your Computer, they are all virus-free. The one from Phoenix/Award is a very intensive one. A blank or erasable floppy diskette is needed and will be used to create a test disk. Run the Test Program from Windows or DOS.

    The Files are zipped, download and run the exe-Files afterwards.

  • Click for Download of y2ktest Check (size 76k) from McAfee 2000 Toolbox.
  • Here is the Download of the very good phoenixpcy2000test-fixtool Program (size 830k) from (but not only for) Phoenix/Award BIOS. Program performs the test and fixes problems!
  • Download the also very recommended y2kdiag Test and Fix Tool (size 1560k) from SecureNet Technologies, comes with Documentation. This Tool is designed for Windows PCs in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Links for more Information

Some German Specials

Having Fun with Y2K


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